Stage 1 - Acquisition of Rights and Development Documents

Formation of Corporate Entity for the Production Company

Limited Liability Company, Operating Agreements and Limit Partnerships

Writer Collaboration Agreements

Joint Copyright Owner Agreements

Co-Production/Development Agreements

Submission of Material Agreements/Waivers

Employment/Consulting Agreements

Literary/Life Story/Screenplay Options and Agreements

Waivers and Releases

Stage 2 - Pre-Production and Production Documents

Producer Agreement Employment Agreement

Director's Employment Agreement

Director’s Additional Picture Option Agreement

Performer Agreement

Player Agreement

Extra Release

Deferment Agreement

Employment Agreement—“Below-the-Line"

Employment Agreement—“Above-the-Line"

Location Agreement

License of Stills and Excerpts

Special Effects Creation Agreement

Stage 3 - Distribution and Exploitation Documents

Distribution Acquisition Agreement

Chain of Title Documents

Copyright Assignment

Copyright License

Copyright Search Report

Delivery Schedule

Distribution Agreement

Distributor’s Acceptance.

International Dist Agreement

Negative Pickup Agreement

Production Proposed Credits

Four Wall Agreement

Theatrical Exhibitor’s Licensing

Trademark Clearance

Trademark Registration

Video Licensing Agreement


What will this Cost for my project?

Packages start at around $1500 and include an evaluation of your project to determine the documents you may need from each of the different stages of production.

Free Resources and Information for our Clients: "Why do I need to Copyright my work?"

You owned your work as soon as it is created:  but benefits come with registration.

Significant benefits afforded under the Copyright Act are available only with a work registered with the Copyright Office.

Some of the Benefits include: The ability to enforce your copyright in a federal court.

A copyright owner may institute an infringement suit.

Ability to seek statutory damages or attorney’s fees in an infringement lawsuit.

Registration constitutes prima facie evidence ("sufficient to establish a fact or raise a presumption unless disproved or rebutted.") of the validity of the copyright.

Creates a public record of authorship and copyright ownership.

Full list of the benefits available at U.S. Copyright Office, Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices § 202 (3d ed. 2014) (“Compendium (Third)”).