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Why should I document my agreements?

You are likely to encounter many legal issues including contract and employment law with a production. Memorialize your agreements from the beginning and be clear on what is expected from everyone involved. Time passes and recollections may fade. Help with your decisions can make the difference in achieving your goals and creating a successful production.

What will this Cost for my project?

Packages start at around $1500 and include documents from each of the different stages you may need. You may only need help in a few areas or the protection for a larger production. That's why we offer a free consultation to help sort out areas you may need to focus on.

Do you have Consultation services?

Yes, Our friendly consultation services help you navigate through the different stages and levels of production from inception to exhibition bringing your ideas to life.

Are there additional costs?

Common Incidental cost may be involved for filing, registering or recording documents such as Trademark and Copyright. Material and copying charges may apply.

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