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Learn about the agreements you might need for your production. Educate yourself in the areas were we can help:

(1) Acquisition of Rights and Development,

(2) Pre Production / Production

(3) Distribution / Exhibition. Questions? We’re happy to talk, just give us a call:


Acquisition of Rights / Development

You gain ownership or control of intellectual property such as rights to an original screenplay or an underlying property such as a treatment, book, play or life story on which the screenplay will be based.

Various types of agreements may be needed including option/purchase agreements, the grant of rights, writing services agreements and the licensing of music and materials to be used for the production.

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Pre Production / Production

Obtaining a director, performers, creating a production schedule, a budget, a completion bond, general insurance requirements, clearance of the use of actual names, products, and locations.

Negotiation of agreements such as above the line talent, below the line crew, lighting, wardrobe, and props. Trademark and Copyrighting of the production and its elements.

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Distribution / Exhibition

Distribution and exploitation of the picture in a variety of media, including theatrical, non-theatrical, television, home video, and foreign distribution.

Consideration of merchandising possibilities, product placements, commercial tie-ins and novelization.

Negotiation of various guild agreements and  determination of profit participations.

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Your Success is Our Success

Entertainment Productions are a series of important agreements, from the beginning to the end. A collaborative effort of many talented people and the time to document your meeting of the minds is at the beginning, while it’s fresh.

Satisfaction comes from knowing you have the ability to succeed and that others can enjoy the finished production. Our firm takes satisfaction in knowing that each stage of your project has the necessary agreements to move forward to completion and exploitation.


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